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 PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.1

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PostSubject: PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.1   Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:11 pm

A set of easy-to-use tools to make PCs and laptops perform as fast and
efficiently as possible and keep them that way. Defrag, registry
cleaner, recover space, and erase traces, tweak and more. PerfectDisk
Rx Suite provides users with a visual understanding of your computer's
health with an easy-to-read health meter, greater speed in everything
you do on your PC, recovery of valuable disk space, privacy protection
so that your business stays your business, and control over your PC so
it works the way you want it to. Includes a health meter to show the
state of your computers health, along with status indicators in key
areas. Includes the engine of PerfectDisk, a disk defragmentation and
optimization utility.Version 1.1 build 16 may include unspecified
updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
One simple command
with PerfectDisk Rx Suite optimizes your disk drive so it's as
efficient as possible and makes your computer as fast as new. Based on
the award-winning, micr*soft-certified PerfectDisk engine.
Clean Registry
Rx Suite brings a new level of ease, simplicity and safety to the
tricky problem of registries cluttered with debris, broken links and
more. The second phase of PerfectDisk Rx Suite's Total Health Boost,
Clean Registry can also be invoked with a quick click of a button.
Recapture Space
Space gets the clutter and waste off your computer. Phase 3 of the
Total Health Boost quickly removes duplicate files that waste space.
Also removes unnecessary files from your Recycle Bin as well as
temporary internet files. You'll recover valuable disk space in seconds.
Erase All Traces
your privacy by erasing traces of your personal internet and file
activity. You never know who's using your computer when you're not
thereWhether it's files accessed or Web sites visited, Phase 4 of
PerfectDisk Rx Suite's Total Health Boost cleans your traces.
hidden Windows settings so that your computer behaves like you want it
to, according to your personal preferences. With PerfectDisk Rx Suite,
there's no need to risk editing the registry on your own. You can
change the way Windows works and acts in key areas.
Operating System:
- Windows Vista - all versions including x64
- Windows XP Home Professional
- Windows XP Professional x64
- Windows 2000 Professional SP3 or higher

Download Link :


Silahkan download Very Happy
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PerfectDisk Rx Suite 1.1
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