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 CryptLoad Rapidshare & Megaupload Downloader v1.04

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PostSubject: CryptLoad Rapidshare & Megaupload Downloader v1.04   Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:04 pm

Cyptload is a hand made custom program enabling you to bypass
RapidShare.com RapidShare.de Megaupload.com time and download limits.
It has a download manager interface and featured with plugins to add
more features and services. It has a interface to automatically restart
and assign new IP address for the routers. Automatically Recognizes the
Captcha verification Images and identify them. It can integrate with
other Popular programs to enhance the Captcha capture function.


* Easy and automated file downloading from all the major one-click file hosters.
* Automated OCR/CAPTCHA, in our tests decoding worked only few times
* Automatic renew of IP address.
* Support for PREMIUM downloading with multi-part download.
* Automatic link decoding of link protetor services like Rapisafe.de
* File plugin system to add more services.
* Full support and bug tracking system.
* very prety GUI.

1) ADSL users (dynamic IP): configure your options:

Check 'modem'
Type your connection name (ex. adsl etc.)
Username and password
Unmark IP check
Mark 'activate' on 'reconnect'
Reconnect method 'Cryptload'
Wait time '0'
If it doesnt work like this download the 'ocr' and overwrite the existing one.

you just have to adjust your router setting.....just watch out what you deal with modem or router...

you got ADSL conection but must conect like modem way, so in
''options'' ----''router'' you must choose modem and in name instead of
adrese you must type correct name of you icon for conecting, e.g.
''dsl'', in field username must type your user name for internet
conection and same for password....

Down below you must mark ''activate''
waiting time 0
unmark IP Check
mark ''Cryptload''

Under PLUGINS and than HOSTER you choose from which site you downloading (e.g. rapidshare.com)

Don't worry about for example 11234 sec or something like that because some time must past before downloading start

a if you adjust modem setting as i told above only problem can be ''ocr'' folder(folder for code input).


1. Install Live HTTP Headers


extension for your Firefox browser.
2. Run Firefox, go to Tools -> Live HTTP Headers. Make sure capture checkbox is checked.
3. Go to Firefox window, login to your router, manually disconnect and then reconnect to the internet.
4. Go back to the Live HTTP headers, click Save all button and save it as router.txt
5. Click close to close Live HTTP headers.
6. Go to


enter your name in Nick, Description as your router brand with model
and firmware version if possible. Make sure Plain is selected for
language. Click on the Browse button and look for the router.txt file.
Finally click Paste.
7. Wait for a few seconds, and you'll be forwarded to a new page with the URL something like


8.go to the support forum of the software and give Apkalypser(forum's mod) ur link
then wait for him to reply
he will give u a code, copy & paste that code in the notepade and save it as "info.clr"..
after saving the file move it to the router folder
then open the program and u will find ur router in the supported list
have fun!!

Download Link :


Silahkan download Very Happy
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CryptLoad Rapidshare & Megaupload Downloader v1.04
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